Here’s how you deal with a sandpaper coworker in office

Most of you are aware of sand paper co-workers in office. These are people who are very rough and try intimidating the people around them. If there are people like this in this team, then there will be a lot of misunderstandings between the people in the team and this sort of people are very much capable of creating an unwanted stress for the other employees working in the same team.

If you have such a worker in the team and you are not very sure about dealing with such a co-worker, then given below is a list of ways to deal with such people:

  • You are all aware of the fact that the sand paper attitude demotivates other employees, however if you see that this attitude is becoming destructive, then it is always advisable to bring this behavior in front of your superiors or the HR. It is very important that the people are able to keep a professional stance in office and a person with rough attitude should not be tolerated. It is very important to let the sandpaper coworker, know that this type of attitude will not be tolerated in office by the other coworkers. If you take the help of a reputed consultant like Emile Haddad Seattle, you will find it all the more easier to deal with people having this type of an attitude.
  • Another way of dealing with this kind of an attitude is to take the role of a leader. There is no point being scared of this type of people and in place of taking commands from this type of an employee, it is always better to offer him or her improved methods which will help in increasing the profit of an organization. If an employee, who is getting bullied in the work place rises above the situation and performs well at work, then the spotlight will shift from the sandpaper coworker to the person who is performing well at work. Emile Haddad Seattle is one of the best and the most reputed business consultant who will help you to come out of the position of being constantly bullied and will also help you to perform well at work by rising above the situation.
  • There are a lot of sandpaper employees who do not have an idea about the fact that there are a lot of people who do not like them because of their attitude. It is always better to sit and explain them about the fact that people in the office are getting annoyed with them because his or her attitude is getting on to their nerves.

So, following the above mentioned steps is possibly the best way, you can deal with this type of people and it is always better to hire a reputed consultant who will be able to help you with this. In case if you have such a coworker in office and you are finding it difficult to deal with him or her, then make sure that you get in touch with a business consultant.

Reasons you should hire a reputed financial advisor

If you want to live a life of comfort it is very important that you manage your finances well. So, in order to realize your long term goals, it is important that you keep your short term goals aside. This is one of the most important steps which will help you to shape your future well. If you have a proper financial planning, it will help you to stay on track and thereby realize your goals. If you are working with a reputed financial advisor, it will help you to realize your goals much better because the financial adviser is able to deal with your finances in the most professional way possible.

There are many benefits of hiring a financial advisor and if you are really interested to know more about the benefits of proper financial planning, then given below is a list of the benefits:

  • Proper financial planning helps you to manage your finances most effectively and this proper management of finances will help you understanding the amount of money that you will require for tax payment, the money needed for savings and the money that is required for monthly expenditures.
  • Proper financial planning will also help you to manage your cash flows well by properly monitoring the expenses and also the spending patterns. If you are able to properly plan your taxes and also maintain your budgets well, then you will be able to save your hard earned cash well.
  • Financial planning will help in increasing your capital and will thereby help you to make proper investments which will improve the overall financial position.
  • This will also help in providing the financial security of your family and thereby help you have proper peace of mind.
  • The savings that has been created by a proper financial planning helps you during emergency times. In case if you require finances during emergency, you can take some money from the saved money.

But for proper financial planning, it is important that you hire the services of one of the best and the most reputed financial advisor, Patrick Dwyer Finanical Advisor. He is a registered investment advisor and is registered with the SEC.

Patrick Dwyer Finanical Advisor is also a registered broker and is registered with FINRA. He works with Merrill Lynch and is one of the most experienced and dedicated brokers available. Hiring his services will help you to get your finances managed in the best way possible. This reputed financial advisor will make sure that your finances are managed in a way so that you are able to get good returns on your investments. In the present day circumstance, where life is full of uncertainties, it is important that you manage your finances well so that your savings and your investments can be of help, in case you are faced with a difficult situation.

So, it is important that you start managing your finances at a very early age and if you are able to do it with the help of a professional, then you will be able to manage it in the best possible way.

Curtis Cripe Says How a Psychologist Can Help You

Psychologists don’t only treat mentally ill people. They treat a lot more than that. If you think psychology is for the people who are going through some kind of mental trouble, you are mistaking. It is for everyone says Curtis Cripe. He has seen enough people who are not going through any psychological problem, yet they need some sort of assistance in motivation. Losing motivation is the most serious kind of problem which one might face. This hampers a lot of things including productivity. When you don’t get motivation from your daily life, your productivity would get hampered.

Motivation is the main thing which you can acquire from an experienced psychologist. From attempting to quit smoking to be able to lose weight, people need motivation in each step of their life. When you lose it, you lose the hope of growing. Feeling low is a perfectly normal thing. However, with proper counseling, you can control your emotion. In this age of haste, counseling is not just a luxury anymore. It has become a requirement for people’s life. It makes them calm down. Knowing how to control your emotion is the best way to heading for success in both personal and professional life.

Curtis Cripe says that proper counseling can help you relax. This is one of the most important reasons for which you should opt for counseling. A psychologist will sit with you, they will hear you out and they will suggest the required therapy which is good for you. They will help you think about the problem which crowding your life. With the help of the psychologists, you will finally be able to understand which problem to focus on and which to ignore. Sometimes small problems become too big for people to deal with. In such a case, help from a psychologist come handy.

Skill development process is an important one. For progress in personal life and also in professional you need to have skill development. With proper counseling, you can get your skilled developed. It helps in better communication. It also helps in better client interaction.

Sometimes mental illness remains hidden. People don’t get to detect it without psychological help. Sadness or happiness needs to be controlled. When they get out of the hand, people find it difficult to survive. Sometimes talking to a psychologist makes things simple. It also explains a lot of things.

Those who are battling drug addiction or alcohol addiction will benefit from getting in touch with a psychologist as well. Without professional help it might not be easy to battle something as serious as drug addiction.

Now, Curtis Cripe says that you need to get in touch with someone who has experience in offering people help. Someone with expertise and skill of talking to people with sensitive mental issues is the right person to turn to. Psychologists can suggest brain exercises that are really important for healthy thought process. Indulging into these exercises will help you battle serious emotional issues like Alzheimer. These also can help you stay away from depression.

10 Uncovered Myths About Working with A Virtual Assistant

Contracting a Virtual Assistant is one of the smartest things you can do for your business. More companies and entrepreneurs are working with virtual assistants to keep their businesses profitable even during times of economic uncertainty.

Before looking for a VA, you should separate the wheat from the chaff. There is a wealth of information out there on the merits of virtual assistance but not all of them are factual. Many could just be marketing fluff that merely stroke the flames of VA mythology.

Here are 10 myths uncovered about working with a Virtual Assistant:

  1. They are Miracle- Workers – A Virtual Assistant has the experience, skills and competence to get your business moving on the right track. But like all first- time personnel, they have to deal with a learning curve.

The learning curve is at its steepest at the start and starts to slope downward as you gain more experience and confidence.

If you run a health and fitness consultancy business and hired a candidate with 5 years experience as a real estate virtual assistant, she will need time to firm up her understanding on the industry and your services.

VA’s are not miracle workers but give them time and they’ll take your business to the next level.

  1. Contracting a VA will not Save Costs and Improve Productivity – Outsourcing services to a Virtual Assistant will do more for you than just cut costs.

As a self- employed worker, a VA is responsible for his or her costs of business such as Internet, power and utilities. You only pay for productive hours.

By delegating work to a VA, you can increase productivity by allocating more hours to the key functions of your business. You also tap into new sources of talent, establish a key strategic partnership and lower your risk of business expansion.

Collectively, contracting a VA means higher profitability.

  1. Virtual Assistants Do Not Need Training – Even with their experience, you should always provide training for your Virtual Assistant. Even if you hire one with experience in the industry, you have to orient her with how you want to run your own business.

As a matter of fact, even those who have provided virtual assistance work for years need continued training and orientation. Training is important to ensure your VA is up to speed with changes in the industry as well as your business model.

  1. VA’s Do Not Review Their Work – Keep in mind that many virtual assistants are paid per productive hour. If submitted work reveal errors and inconsistencies, this cannot be accepted by the client.

Thus, for the mutual benefit of both parties, the Virtual Assistant makes it a point to always review work before submitting them. There is always the possibility of an oversight, but trust that the VA will have it corrected according to your preference.

  1. Any Virtual Assistant will Do Just Fine – Like any other profession, you have your good VA’s and bad or not- so- good VA’s. The industry has opened itself up to more candidates that the quality of work and service can possibly be diluted.

This is why you should not hire the first candidate who responds to your job post. Create a short list of 3 to 5 candidates and subject them to a qualifying process that includes the following:

  • Interviews
  • Paid Testing Period
  • Due Diligence

Always remember to qualify every candidate before hiring.

  1. VA’s from Remote Locations are Problematic – The Philippines and India are the consensus top 2 destinations for global outsourcing. Both remote locations offer competitive pricing which lowers the overall cost of outsourcing.

However, the prevailing myth is that the added cost savings will not be worth it because working with people from remote locations offers more problems than solutions. These problems include:

  • Dealing with social and cultural barriers
  • Problems in communication
  • Societal and political unrest
  • Poor infrastructure

Although there are truths to these problems, these problems are nothing that cannot be addressed with effort, creativity and resourcefulness.

Simply take the time to research about cultural and traditional practices of the remote location. Implement one- on- one discussions with your Filipino or Indian Virtual Assistant and seek feedback instead of a “Yes” or “No” answer.

  1. Virtual Assistants are Limited to Admin Work – The high demand for virtual assistance work has created diverse job openings for virtual assistants. They are no longer just limited to secretarial or personal assistant services. Today’s version can handle a variety of work:
  • Accounting
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Content Writing
  • Transcription
  • Graphics Design

You can find a VA for any type of task your business needs.

  1. VA’s Cannot Maintain Client Relationships – There are limitations in the virtual world compared to shared space collaborations. But these limitations can easily be mitigated by technology and experience.

If you are in the real estate business and want someone to follow up on your prospects, leave the job to the Virtual Assistant.

She knows how to build rapport, give importance and provide useful information that will move your prospect further along the sales funnel. Contrary to popular myth, VA’s are excellent in cultivating strong client relationships.

  1. Freelance VA’s Are Better Than Agency VA’s – Certainly there are pros and cons to both sources of virtual assistants. Contracting the services of a freelancer may be more affordable but an Agency VA has the credentials and referrals to back up his or her pricing.

Freelancers cannot dedicate themselves to your project. But those appointed by an agency will be beholden to you. It is also easier to replace an underperforming VA from an agency than a freelancer.

An Agency VA provides better value proposition because it has the scale to help you expand your business without losing time and money.

  1. You Provide Required Software for Your VA – As stated earlier, a Virtual Assistant is responsible for his or her cost of business. This includes all software and hardware needed to run your campaign.

However, if you want the VA to use your proprietary software then you will have to provide this yourself.

Otherwise, the agency or the freelancer will provide the software on their own.

Virtual assistants can be a valuable asset for your business. But on their own, they cannot take your business from failure to success. You will also have to do your share in qualifying candidates, providing training and support and taking the time to get to know them better.


Safe Tips To Reconnect Car Batteries Perth

At the point when completing any electrical work to your auto, it is generally important to detach the battery first. This brief guide will guide you to the most ideal method to disconnect your car battery. Pay attention to every detail in order to avoid electrical issues.

In case you’re stressed at all over the techniques, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a trusted auto technician for professional roadside assistance in Melbourne like Roadside Response.

Find the battery.

You ought to discover the battery is a rectangular box underneath the bonnet of your auto. Notwithstanding, numerous more up to date autos now have a cover for the battery (with a battery image on top of it) which you should slide off or lift up to find the terminals. In case you’re thinking that it’s hard to find the battery, have a go at perusing your handbook for the right area.

Know the positive and negative ground terminals

Next, it’s a smart thought to find which terminal is negative and which is positive The general dependable guideline is the positive terminal will have a “+” sign on it and the negative terminal will demonstrate a “–” image. Now, you may likewise know the positive terminal as it has a red link shading and the negative a blue shading. However, please double check your handbook to avoid mistakes.

Work on the negative first.

It’s vital to detach the negative side of the battery to start with, else you can bring about an electrical s if the positive is removed first. For example, in the event that you coincidentally drop a spanner on the positive terminal and the spanner touches whatever else that is metal on the auto, you’ll make a circuit and short the battery, or much more terrible give yourself an electrical shock. To remove the negative terminal, release the connector and deliberately squirm off the terminal. Next, expel the positive connector similarly. One tip- to keep the connectors touching whatever else on the auto while they’re separated, get a plastic tie join them to something which keeps them off the beaten path and not touching anything metal!

Reconnecting the battery – positive first

Once you’re done with the electrical work on your auto, you can simply replace the connectors back on to its terminals. Ensure you begin the way you wrapped up, the positive terminal first and afterward the negative a while later to counteract short-circuits. Push the connector back on and give it a decent wiggle in order to guarantee you have a cozy fit. Attempt to counteract touching whatever other metal work on the auto with the negative connector. You may see a little spark while reconnecting the negative terminal, however this is common and shouldn’t be perilous.

Finally, cover the car battery and close the bonnet. 

All that is left now you’ve reconnected the battery is to replace any battery cover(s) you expelled toward the start and then shut your cap. Ideally, the electrical work you’ve done has been a win! If you discover you haven’t got any electrical power, check the terminals and keep it free specs of dirt and attempt once more.

If you are currently looking for a new battery, you may start checking out car battery prices to compare in Melbourne. And when the time comes you need to disconnecting or reconnecting car batteries, always observe safety measures!

Printing Everything From Postcards To Flyers From 55print

Those days are long gone, when you have to rely on experts for the sake of printing modules. You do not have to visit door to door shops, for printing a bulk of your business cards. With few clicks here and there, now you can easily print the best cards in town. All you need is an internet connection and a host device for you. Once you have procured these host devices, half of your work is done. Join hands with the experts of 55print, for helping you out with the best means.

Printing your postcards

Experts are not just relying on printing business cards; but they are glad to share their expertise in the field of printing postcards. Whether you are looking for a set standardized postcard, or want something new and innovative, just rely on 55print for some great help. You just have to choose from the set standards available, or can customize the cards as per your requirements. You will be flooded with options, once you have clicked the official link of the website. Choose from a wide variety of printing services, as and when required.

Increasing the importance of flyers

To attract maximum crowd, you might have to procure help of flyers. Now, you can get those from reputed firms, like 55print. These flyers are important and are printed in bulks, with the right kind of solutions, you want. Make sure to choose the best company, and the options are practically limitless over here. Experts are always happy to help.

Reasons For Choosing A Company That Invests In Developmental Oil And Gas Drills

Developmental well is bored to a depth that is expected to be fruitful, so as to take full advantage of the chances of achievement. On the other hand, an exploratory well is the one that is drilled to find oil or gas in an unproven region. As a result, the exploratory wells involve higher chances of risks. Many exploratory wells are ineffective and produce too little oil or gas for firms to invest added money in producing natural gas from those wells.

JBH Consulting Group is known oil and gas investing company that has worked all the way through the United States to bond the investors with several oil investment projects. The company specifically invests in developmental oil and gas drills and not in the exploratory wells. Thus, reducing the chances of risks and increasing the percentage of profit for the investors.

The oil drilling companies are an integral part of the oil and gas industry because they engage in exploration and extraction of one of the world’s most valued resources, energy. Bringing energy to market for retail distribution is a very profitable business, but a very compound procedure. The demand for crude oil has increased in drastic proportions. However, discoveries of new oil fields and investing in the oil industry has helped keep up with the increasing demand for oil. Especially in the United States companies like JBH has helped in keeping up with the increasing demand for oil. Advanced technology has made drilling oil more effective and efficient. With the assistance of new methods it is possible to draw almost more than fifty percent of the oil as compared to the old methods. Improved infrastructure and more investments have also made the drilling of oil wells more operative. Currently most of the transportation is dependent on oil and many industries are born out of or dependent on by products of petroleum. Although alternative sources of energy are now applied like solar and wind energy, oil is still considered as the primary source of energy.

JBH Consulting Group has large number of producing wells all through Kansas and Texas City of the United States. Moreover, JBH has already planned a number of probable future projects in order to keep up with the increasing demand for oil. Investing in Oil and Gas Wells has been a part of this business for several years. Brokers, Land men, Geologist, Mineral Rights Owners have been selling oil and gas working interest since the first well has been drilled.

JBH Consulting Group is directed by Brian Hudnall who has more than a few years of experience in this field and ensures that the entire team at JBH works compliantly with the geologists, engineers and oil and gas operators to offer best benefits as well as tax advantages to the investors.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that one should choose a company that invests in developmental oil and gas drills rather than on exploratory wells.

Everything about hiring the best virtual assistants

There is no question that hiring virtual assistants will give your business many benefits which the conventional office-based employee cannot. Virtual assistants are a cost effective solution and their experience, expertise and high competencies assure you of greater productivity. But challenges remain in searching for the best candidate for your business.

So how do you hire the best virtual assistants?

  1. Research on the virtual assistance industry

Even though the virtual assistance industry has grown and the profession has become more popular, not too many people are familiar with its nuances. Theoretically, you are simply hiring personnel for your business albeit from the virtual world. In truth, real challenges exist when entrusting responsibilities to a person who conducts his services from a remote location.

For those who are used to collaborating with people while sharing the same space, you will need to re-frame your mindset with the Virtual Assistant. Despite the availability of collaborative software such as Asana, and Bitrix-24 which organizes and connects members of a virtual world, you will still have to deal with filters and barriers.

It will take some time to give trust and confidence to someone you don’t see. That is why virtual assistants work on a performance basis. They are given milestones to accomplish as a pre-condition for payment or continued tenure.

If you hire a Virtual Assistant from another part of the world, you will have to contend with social and cultural nuances. It is very important to gain knowledge on their practices and behaviors to moderate expectations. Otherwise, you may risk misunderstanding and miscommunication.    

  1. Identify your business objectives

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs hire virtual assistants. Each reason is directed at accomplishing an objective. Therefore, you must identify your objectives before hiring a Virtual Assistant. Is your objective:

  • To reduce cost of business?
  • Increase productivity?
  • Expand the business?
  • Organize non-essential tasks?
  • Address areas that need specialized skills?
  • Introduce efficiency?
  • Improve flexibility?

Your objective could be one or a combination of many. Identifying your objectives will help you fine-tune the qualifications you need for the Virtual Assistant.

  1. Create the scope of work

Once you have identified the skills you need for your Virtual Assistant, the next step is to create the scope of work.

Keep in mind that the scope of work isn’t just a “to-do” list in Word format or Notepad. It is a professionally done, well thought-off and accurately constructed document that carefully defines the responsibilities of the Virtual Assistant.

It is an official document of your company which is subject for revision or amendment in the course of the engagement. The scope of work is a key document to avoid misunderstandings and to arrive at immediate resolutions.

Another reason why some virtual assistant engagements fail is because the entrepreneur assumes the candidate has the experience to know what he is supposed to do. Experience is a great thing to have but everyone regardless of tenure needs to go through their Learning Curve.

Put it this way if your business retails car parts do you believe a Virtual Assistant with five years experience in the real estate industry can start off as if he was an expert? He will need time to learn your business, the industry and develop an understanding of your customer base.

The scope of work is there to guide the Virtual Assistant through your process.

  1. Identify your sources for talent

The most popular avenue for sourcing virtual assistance candidates is the Internet. You can find prospective candidates by opening a client account in one of the many online job markets.

These online job markets connect virtual assistants with potential clients. The growth of these online job markets have corresponded with the growth of the virtual assistance industry. As the industry grew to accommodate greater demand for online services, the position of the Virtual Assistant began to evolve.

No longer are virtual assistants limited to secretarial or personal assistance work. There is a Virtual Assistant available to manage any job that can be conducted online. Eventually the title “Virtual Assistant” became synonymous with freelancer, telecommuter and home-based worker.

Among the most popular online job markets are Elance,,, and These online job markets have millions of virtual assistants as members. Each one with different skill sets and levels of experience.

You can also hire the services of a Virtual Assistance agency. There are many agencies in the Internet offering Virtual Assistant placement services. The biggest advantage of hiring an agency is that they have a wide pool of talent. Most of these have been pre-qualified and rated by former clients. You have more assurance on the quality of their work. And with an agency, if the engagement does not work out they can readily replace the Virtual Assistant.

But be careful when using these online services. As wide, deep and far-reaching the Internet is; risks in the form of scam artists exist. Always do your due diligence before hiring any candidate or agency.

  1. Shift your focus on the behavioral

Selecting the best candidate as your Virtual Assistant goes beyond the information detailed in the Curriculum Vitae.

This is a current reality which most entrepreneurs cannot quite grasp. They base their decision to hire primarily on the CV without giving much thought on other factors that are crucial for a successful working relationship. And the operative word is “relationship”.

Having the most impressive portfolio, the most recommendations and highest certifications will not assure you of the best working relationship. It all has to do with personalities. CV aside, does your candidate’s personality fit yours?

If you are one who values discipline, you may not be fond of a Virtual Assistant who does not fulfill his work schedule. If you value respect and integrity, you may not want a Virtual Assistant who directly communicates with your client and by-passes you entirely.

Remember this truism: anybody can be trained provided he is committed and dedicated to the process. But if someone has the wrong attitude, he will not contribute to the success of your enterprise because he only cares about his interests.

When selecting your ideal Virtual Assistant, focus more on the behavioral component. Your Virtual Assistant should be the one you could work with every single day. Your values do not have to exactly the same but they should at least mirror or complement each other.

Here are ways you can assess his behavioral profile:

  • Determine his line of reasoning by giving situational questions.
  • Engage him in regular conversation and find out his views on today’s most compelling issues.
  • Evaluate how he conducts himself in interviews; is he always on-time, does he get easily pressured, does he organize his thoughts carefully before giving answers?
  • Check his social media posts. Social media is an effective tool for due diligence because it gives people a false sense of entitlement. His interactions in social media will give you an idea of who he is outside the virtual world.

This is not to say that you should not test for technical and fundamental proficiency. Of course you should. But do not be blinded by numbers and achievements that have been identified on paper. Even if he does not score the highest numbers, the one who fits your personality will work harder to improve his performance.

Double Your Business! 4 Tips About Substitute Employee Management Systems

If high turnover and excessive sick days are negatively impacting your operating costs, consider these four tips to selecting a third-party substitute employee management service.

In some industries, it is vital that everything keeps operating, even if essential employees call in sick. Government demands for standardized education benchmarks don’t diminish when a teacher is out with the flu; the hospital has to maintain sanitary standards even when the janitor is at home dealing with his own healthcare needs. The same employee management process that ensures efficient search and placement of a qualified substitute teacher can be applied to nearly any work environment in which consistent service must be provided without fail, regardless of how many team members are at home recuperating from the latest bug.

If you feel that disorganized substitute employee scheduling is taking a toll on your in-house staff, it may be time to reconsider your current approach. Engaging a third party call centre service to manage your employee scheduling process from end to end can help you meet client and customer expectations, seamlessly filling vacancies from within a predetermined talent pool so your company can operate as it should even when faced with unforeseen circumstances. These four tips explain how. 

  1. Keeps Focus on Core Operations

When you’re missing key players from your team, the last thing you need is to have those who are present tied up on the phone trying to find someone to fill an open chair. After all, not many companies keep spare staff on hand for the sole purpose of finding substitutes at the last minute. Transferring these duties to a call centre helps ensure that your core operations continue running as smoothly as possible, even if you’re down a few employees. Plus, an outside staffing service typically has the infrastructure in place to find qualified subs for your team much more quickly and efficiently than the average coworker could.

  1. Consistent Standards

Many work environments are required to hold to certain rules and regulations for staff; those mandates apply to substitutes as well. In order to ensure compliance, it’s important to only bring in subs who have the proper qualifications to fill temporary vacancies. Calling on an external employee management service to locate substitute staffers ensures that only vetted replacements will be pulled from within your existing database of on-deck candidates. Not only will all labour rules be met, but the most skilled candidate will always be chosen to fill a vacancy first. 

  1. 24/7 Assistance

Your business may not operate 24/7, but employees can have issues that arise at nearly any time of the day. For this reason, a call centre service can locate and schedule qualified substitute staffers at any time of day or night, without costing you the overtime rates that in-house staff would typically require to handle those same emergencies during off-hours. Quick, effective substitute staffing assistance also ensures that your business isn’t interrupted in the morning when an employee has a crisis overnight.

  1. Comprehensive Communication

The frustration of scrambling to schedule assignments at the last-minute to qualified individuals involves more than just making a quick phone call. Effective substitute employee management means knowing how and when to best reach qualified stand-ins, whether that means via home phone, cell phone, email or even through Facebook.

call centres are equipped to deal instantly and professionally with multiple communications channels, locating and providing substitute staffing in a fraction of the time it may take a regular in-house employee or secretary to attempt the same task. Whether taking overflow calls, debriefing substitutes on their assignments or escalating short notice absenteeism, a well-organized substitute management process can help your business operates seamlessly despite short-term staffing emergencies.


Employee absenteeism, whether rare or recurrent, can have a marked direct impact on any company, along with numerous indirect expenses. Although organizations find that attempting to fill a vacancy on their own carries a high cost, the price of leaving a position unfilled may be even higher. A call centre service can help manage the substitute employee process from start to finish, and its team members are far better equipped to do so than in-house employees, delivering a far more cost-effective means of fulfilling any substitute employee management needs.

Why You Should Consider Employee Drug Testing

Employers opt for drug testing services as a way to keep their workplaces free from potential danger. The very basic reason is to lay down a code of ethics at the workplace. Additionally, this helps them avoid hiring any employee who may be involved with drugs. Some private companies are allowed, by law, to carry out drug testing but smaller companies can also implement the practice. Here are some reasons they do:

  1. To Ensure Workplace Safety

Organizations that hire employees to operate machinery, drive, or do manual labor often do drug testing to ensure safety. It prevents the hiring of candidates involved in drug use. Drug testing protects the employees and it protects companies from adverse actions. Additionally, if a position requires an employee to interact with customers, drug testing reduces potential risks involved.

drug testing at work

  1. Adhere to Regulations or Law

Employment in specific industries requires preliminary drug testing due to state and federal regulations. Occupations related to transportation are required to refer employees to drug testing services before hiring. This is a law put in place by the US Department of Transportation. Other industries that are mostly regulated by the state, like teaching and healthcare, may also require drug testing at the workplace.

  1. To Show Integrity

Some organizations administer drug tests to employees in order to show themselves in a positive light to the public. It displays a level of professionalism and performance.  It also helps to gain public trust and attract consumers to a company’s products or services.

  1. To Receive Benefits

Conducting employee drug tests is also a way to receive additional benefits, discounts, or workers compensation benefits and discounts. Some healthcare insurance providers give companies group discounts for administering drug tests. Currently, 30 states practice laws which can disqualify employees from receiving unemployment benefits if they violate the workplace drug policies.

  1. Prevent Wrong Hiring

No organization wants to hire an employee who abuses drugs. It’s a problem that can be avoided with drug testing. Apart from administering drug tests prior to hiring, organizations may implement random drug tests. This helps ensure that all employees adhere to workplace ethics. It also helps provide a safe and healthy work environment for people to work in.

In most states, every organization has the right to administer drug tests. They implement rules which ensure best workplace practices and employees must adhere to these rules. Noncompliance can cost an employee their job.