Does my office need a disabled access lift

Does My Office Need a Disabled Access Lift?

One of the most impressive aspects in regards to modern society is that individuals with limited mobility issues are able to experience more opportunities than ever before. Thanks to technological advancements, a wealth of career options that would have been dreams in the past are now realities. However, we should also keep in mind that there are still challenges that need to be faced every day. Many of these issues can be addressed through the use of level lifts. Let us take a brief look at how these clever devices function before determining whether or not your office requires one.

A Basic Overview

A level lift can often be thought of as a personal “elevator“. Thanks to electrical or hydraulic power, such a unit is capable of transporting an individual from one area within the workplace to another. These lifts are most frequently used to move vertically between different floors although they can also be attached to the side of a stairwell. The user has manual control over the lift, so he or she will be able to modify options such as the speed of ascent or descent. These devices are extremely safe and quiet, so they will not cause a disruption during daily activities.

The Laws Behind Disability Rights

Before examining the various situations which can be addressed by a level lift, it is critical to point out that offices in the United Kingdom are legally required to employ such systems when workers with mobility issues are present. According to the Health and Safety Executive, employers must make “reasonable adjustments” to avoid placing any handicapped individual at a physical disadvantage (1). Special parking spaces, handicapped entrance ramps and the level lift will all fall into this category. Failure to do so could even cause legal action to be taken against your firm.

The Physical Environment

Still, we should keep in mind that not all offices will require a level lift. If it is only a one-story structure, movement between floors is obviously not necessary. Assuming that no employees suffer from mobility issues, the use of such a lift could likewise be redundant. However, this could all change if the office is a duplex or exists on multiple floors. Assuming that there is no elevator present, a lift might be needed. This is also pertinent if the environment is associated with an ageing workforce, as travelling up and down a flight of stairs can present a very real challenge.

Public Concerns

Not all offices are private in terms of their operations. Perhaps you own a business that is regularly visited by clients. One example could be a car dealership split into two levels with offices located on the upper floor. In this situation (and many others), you could be required to install a level lift. We should make it a point to note here that the installation can often depend upon whether or not the addition of this lift is “readily achievable”. In other words, its implementation must be able to be accomplished without causing your firm to incur a massive financial burden. This will often be determined on a case-by-case basis. It is therefore a good idea to contact a specialist to see what steps will be necessary.

Safety Issues

There can be times when even a short flight of stairs may cause potential safety hazards to those with limited mobility. For example, the stairs could lack a handrail or they might be found in an area with a great deal of foot traffic. In either case, a level lift can help to prevent accidental slips and falls. Of course, this will also revolve around the nature of any handicapped conditions that may be present. Those who require the use of a walking stick may be able to negotiate these stairs while anyone confined to a wheelchair will obviously need to make use of some form of mechanical assistance.

There are a number of different level lifts available and each will depend upon the requirements and layout of your office. To determine if such a device is needed and to appreciate your options, it is best to speak with a qualified expert.

Twelve tips for busy corporate traveler

Odds are if you are an executive in present day business community, you’ve seen enough airport terminal restaurants and ‘fasten seat belt’ signs you’ll always remember. Regular airline travel has turned into a standard area of the project for many professionals, with conferences, classes and workshops being held throughout our nation and also the world.

 For individuals that like to fly, case another career perk. While for other people, a root canal sounds much better than being held in metallic tube 30,000 ft over the ground. Although you will possibly not have the ability to control whether you need to fly, you may choose how everything travel will affect you.

Travelling includes its’ own group of health challenges so it’s essential for you to understand what they’re and you skill about the subject.

Low Air Pressure

Despite the fact that within an plane cabin is pressurized, it’s still reduced than what you will experience at ocean level. This could have a lot of effects in your body including clogged ears and inflamed hands and ft. Because less oxygen has been absorbed through the bloodstream, additionally, it may cause lightheartedness or faintness, particularly upon standing.

Lack of fluids

Many frequent flyers are not aware the humidity in a plane can fall as little as 20%. This really is substantially less than what many people are accustomed to and may lead you to easily become seriously dehydrated. Additionally to departing you feeling thirsty, additionally, it may dry up your vision, nose and throat.


You are aware how you’ve been told you need to get up out of your desk and walk round the office every hour to help keep the bloodstream flowing inside your legs? You have to when you are flying. Remaining in a single position for any lengthy time period, specifically in a cramped space as an plane chair, can improve your chance of thrombus within the legs which may be fatal when they visit your heart or lung area.

Jet Lag

Lengthy plane tickets that get you across timezones makes you feel disoriented, sluggish as well as sick for your stomach. Actually, the body takes roughly eventually to adjust its natural rhythm for each time zone you mix. You clearly can’t prevent jet lag from happening altogether but you will find some steps you can take to reduce its impact on you.

Food Options

Air travel food can occasionally taste bad or perhaps be not a good idea. It’s generally packed with chemical preservatives and unnecessary body fat.  You should eat correctly prior to your flight and can include plenty of colorful veggies, fruits and lots of fiber to help keep the digestive tract in good condition. This guarantees the body is packed with the nutrition it must protect against any potential bad guys.

 When next travelling, think about these tips:

  To combat ear stuffiness and discomfort, chew sugarless gum that can help your ears to pop. You may also pop them by yawning or ingesting.

 If you’re vulnerable to swelling, make sure to put on loose-fitting clothes and take away your footwear throughout flight.

Stay well hydrated before and throughout the flight. Don’t depend around the beverage service since it might take some time for that family and friends to get at you or they’ve already to forfeit service if there’s severe turbulence. Always take the own bottle water onboard along with you – where possible.

 Avoid drinks which have a diuretic effect for example coffee, tea and alcohol.

Wake up and move. Don’t be concerned about to be the strange guy that keeps getting out of bed. You will be the best guy on the flight!

 Avoid crossing your legs. It’s also wise to avoid remaining within the same position for any prolonged time period.

 For lengthy hauls, put on compression tights that add extra pressure for your legs. You can buy them at the local chemist.

Start modifying for your new time as soon as you are able to. If at all possible, improve your clocks in your own home a few days before your flight to begin having your body’s sleep cycle nearer to where you are headed. If that is difficult, set your watch for your new time the moment you board the plane.

 When you get to your destination, attempt to stay awake until your normal bed time and remain in mattress until it’s time to wake up. It might be difficult and can strengthen your body to adjust faster.

  Why don’t you pre-order the reduced-body fat food options online to get the best meal possible?

 Extra-large and overweight bags really are a sure method to stuff your neck or back so it’s wise to bring along light and/or ensure not just your suitcase; however your keep on luggage has wheels on.

 As you can tell with a few forward planning by sticking towards the 12 Tips above, will make sure your transition right into a new destination or time zone is going to be seamless, produces less anxiety in your body, safeguarding you against lethargy thus creating an effective trip!

Business Travel Tips for the Avid Business Traveler

Organizations all over are discovering they have to travel more in the event that they need to meet new clients and to catch new wellsprings of business; the Internet has guaranteed that even minor organizations can have a client base that is positively worldwide! On the other hand, any individual who has used a lot of their time traveling for their business will let you know exactly how tiring it might be. There are a few things you can do to diminish the measure of anxiety and exhaustion that happens and some intriguing business travel tips and data that is supplied in this article. At times for example, stuff makes a go at missing; that is a terrible reality of travel and whilst it is upsetting enough on a family occasion, on a business trek it might be shocking. A simple solution for this is to pack however much as could reasonably be expected that you totally must have for you meeting, in your grasp gear.


This implies that regardless of the fact that your principle gear is lost your excursion does not need to be squandered; your gathering can at present happen in spite of any burden that has been created. The extent that your primary baggage is concerned, verify you just pack simply enough for the outing and this is likely the most helpful business head out tip to tolerate as a main priority. If you take enough business garments for the trek and after that all that is left is some cool wear for the night times, only two sets of shoes, one easy, and one sets ought to be sufficient. All that is left once this is carried out is to incorporate your toiletries and different business documentation that may be useful.

Sparing space  

An approach to spare space and conceivably take a more diminutive sack in addition to diminish any wrinkles is to move apparel up which consumes up less space and a business travel tip well significant. To go above and beyond, on the off chance that you need to guarantee that regardless of the fact that nourishment or beverage are spilled on your garments you won’t require them washed; use dim colors which are additionally convenient on the grounds that folds don’t demonstrate as much.

Sprucing up  

In the event that you are postponed for any reason then knowing you can spruce up preceding the gathering without the requirement for a shower might be a lifeline, this is the place those travel wipes come in exceptionally helpful. If you expect to be away for several days, an ordinary charge for a cell and other electronic supplies may be sufficient yet in the event that the trek is longer you may need to bring chargers with you.

Arranging ahead

Numerous business voyagers now utilize the venturing out time to do however much function as could be expected which then permits them some individual time to themselves after work which thusly decreases stress. Simply arrange ahead for your business travel utilizing this aide and you will be in a position where whatever happens it won’t influence your excursion and once you have done this regularly enough it will all get second nature to you.

Turkey tourist visa 

If you are planning you trip to Turkey, you need to apply for a visa first before you embark on the journey. The visa is important as it grants the tourist permission to visit the country. The visa can be applied online or from the Turkish embassy.

Tips and safety information for business travelers

Every year, many business travelers go for business trips to all parts of the world and their personal safety is potentially at risk at all times- even if their destinations are only a short distance away. However, unlike them, you can make your next business trip much safer by following a few simple tips.

1. Keeping your documents safely

You should keep your passport, travellers cheques, credit cards and any other identification in many different places. You should also make two copies of your passport’s main information page – one for you to store in a separate place from your passport and the other for someone who remains behind at home.

2. Using your purse or pockets for items that you will need on a frequent basis

You should take advantage of the safety deposit boxes in the hotel or utilize a money belt so that you will still have some money or identification if you lose your wallet or it is stolen. If your passport gets lost while you are traveling overseas, you should call your nearest consulate or embassy and the local authorities immediately.

3. Purchasing trip interruption and cancellation insurance

Most travelers choose to buy less expensive and non-refundable tickets when the airfares creep up. You should not risk losing the entire travel investment that you have made in case something unexpected happens. You should protect your investment in the event that you are forced to cancel your business trip, stay later at the destination or return home early by purchasing interruption and cancellation insurance. If you have made prepayments that are non-refundable for any travel arrangements like a tour, hotel, or flight, it is highly recommended for you to purchase this type of insurance when you make bookings for your trip. This will cover you in case one of the risks that are covered occurs between the time when you make your bookings for your trip and when you depart for it, and forces you to cancel it.

4. Going early to avoid the last minute dash

New security measures are making airports to report longer waiting times for all travellers. You should therefore go early so that you can avoid the last minute dash and give yourself enough time for making your flight.

5. Purchasing travel insurance

Medical treatment outside your country can be very costly, and you may only have cover for a limited portion of the treatment costs from your company benefits plans, government health insurance, or the insurance that your credit card offers. You should therefore find out about the cover that you have before you leave for you trip, and fill in all coverage gaps by purchasing travel insurance. You should carry the travel insurance policy together with the phone numbers that you may need to call in case of an emergency.

6. Ensuring your passport is not expired

The validity of passports in some countries is six months beyond the expected dates of departure. You should therefore ensure that you understand the individual requirements of all the countries that you want to visit, including the requirement to pay entry fees or the need for you to have a visa.

The aforementioned tips will help in making your next business trip much safer. Hence, if you are traveling to Sri Lanka, you should follow them diligently and get a Sri Lanka Visa in order to make it as successful as possible.