Corporate Caterer

How to Find a Corporate Caterer

Companies usually arrange a variety of different events for employees. Some common examples of corporate events include social meet ups, conferences, workshops, employee dinners, annual gatherings, and many more. Either way, one of the most important things that your company needs to do when arranging a corporate event is to find a suitable caterer. If the food at the event is subpar, and everything else is excellent, people are still going to talk about the food quality. Most people only remember different events by the quality of the food that they were served, so it’s important that you find a suitable caterer who specialises in providing food for corporate events. Here are a few important tips that will help you find a decent corporate caterer.

Make a Shortlist

You need to narrow down your options before you start considering different options. Many new catering businesses do not understand the demands of corporate events, and feel that they are just like conventional events. However, not many caterers can keep up with the demands of a corporate event, especially if the event consists of people from the entire company. Therefore, you need to start off by making a shortlist of different companies that offer corporate catering services.

You can check the websites of many local catering services providers and then decide whether they are a suitable fit for the event or not. Visit their website and search for the services tab to see if they offer corporate packages or not. Most caterers usually provide packages with different rates, so it’s going to be easier for you to get an estimate for the pricing as well.


If you recently attended a corporate event and were satisfied with the quality of the food that was served there, you can ask the manager to give you information about the caterer. Finding reviews about different catering companies is important, especially reviews from customers, because they will give you a fair and accurate idea about whether the company stands true to its promises or not. Almost all Perth corporate catering companies try to upsell their services, so you have to make sure that you get accurate reviews from customers before proceeding further.


Before you hire any corporate catering company, you need to find out how much it will cost to arrange the whole event. You can ask for quotes from different catering companies in the area and get an idea about the costs. The company will arrange transportation and will also decide on a menu with you. Of course, the more food items you decide to keep at the venue, the more it will cost to arrange the event. If you want to save money, it’s better if you ask for quotations from several different catering companies. Also, try not to choose more expensive food items, as it will just end up costing you more. Most corporate events are held on a budget granted by the company, so there’s no need to overspend on the event.

Why Should You Consider Personalized Lanyards as Marketing Tool

If you ever have attended any trade show, conference or convention; you are well aware of the customized lanyards hanging on the necks of the different people. These are not wearable accessories but also one of the most important parts of any business which enables it to easily identified from a distance as well.These lanyards are being used for hanging a photo ID card along with it most of the times. It is the best thing which can be used by any organization for marketing and advertise their business on a larger scale. The company’s lanyards not only includes the brand name and the logo embedded inside it but also accomplishes with the company’s mission statement as well which enable the people to learn more about them.Lanyards are one of the most influential marketing tools which enhance your brand at different trade shows, conference, and various other events. The lanyards you are choosing for your organization should be simple, clear and engaging so that people could easily attract towards it. If you are just confused with the term personalized lanyards as marketing tools; the content given below is undoubtedly going to help you a lot in it.

  • Can be used by anyone: – Lanyards are not associated with a single organization or business entities; these are meant for everyone. Students, school staff, company’s employees and various other people can easily use in their workplace. The lanyards usually include photo ID card hanging along with it, enables the other people to easily identify the name of the person and the organization he/she works in.
  • Economical: – If we talk about advertising and marketing your business; lanyards are of the very inexpensive advertising tool which can be used by every entrepreneur without thinking much about the budget. Billboards, posters, commercials spot on radio and TV are one of the advertising modules which are expensive and hence can’t be afforded by everyone. Lanyards will only cost a fraction of them and can also get into the reach of those folk as well which do not watch TV, listen to the radio, or drive past your billboards. The lanyards include the slogan, mission statement and brand name of the company and hence can easily get the knowledge of a large number of people without making many efforts.
  • A wide range: – As we have mentioned you earlier that the lanyards enhance the brand familiarity with the person wearing it. It enables the other persons to think about your brand name every time they saw folk wearing your organization’s logo and hence ultimately enhances the interaction and the possibility of getting associated with your brand with each passing day.
  • Easy to customize and order: – Lanyards are not the thing which needs a lot of time in building up a perfect one for your organization. Personalized lanyards enable the manufacturers in specializing their creation. In other words, you can also say that you now don’t need to take weeks and months of lead time in ordering and to get your promotional lanyards made and then deliver it to you. It is one of the most excellent marketing and promotional tool which you can easily create as per your expectations without spending much budget on it.
  • Can be used anytime anywhere: – Once you have got your customized lanyards on-hand, you don’t need to have to look forward to any particular event to get it distributed. You can efficiently use it anytime anywhere for promoting your business. You can even donate these lanyards to schools as well for the needy students. Moreover, you can also use these lanyards for sponsoring various events, trade fairs, and much more or even can distribute these along with the products of companies in supermarket and stores as well.Personalized Lanyards are the perfect source of advertising and marketing your business on a larger scale. It not only widen ups your audience but also is one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting your business. In addition to it; it is the best way to maximize your benefits by doing your business within reach of a large number of audiences. We have provided you with some of the most common aspects of personalized lanyards establishing it as a perfect marketing tool which will enable you to get more knowledge about it.
Media Training

The Top 3 Key Benefits of Media Training

Media training can give you everything you need to prepare for interviews and other encounters with the media. Many business executives make the mistake of going into interviews without sufficient preparation, leaving them vulnerable to making a bad impression and giving inadequate answers.

Here are some of the benefits you can experience with proper media training in place.

Gain a Better Understanding of Media Operation

While businesses may often be exposed to the media through various mediums, many of them may be unaware of exactly how the media works. It’s important to understand that there are many individuals and steps involved in media, from newspapers to television.

Companies should know the kind of work that media training staff have to put into interviews and videos, among other types of media, all of which involve ample time and effort. For instance, if you know that a journalist has a specific deadline, you should do your best to help them meet it. Learning how the media works can also help you take advantage of various outlets.

Know How Each Media Channel Works

It’s also important to know the specific differences between each media channel, including how they each deliver information, entertainment, and news.

For example, if you’re going to be interviewed on television about a new product or service that your company is launching, you should prepare for it with several key points that you want to discuss. This will help keep the interview concise and avoid wasting the interviewer’s time.

On the other hand, a newspaper or magazine will typically include a much longer interview, taking as much as half and hour or longer.

This will give you ample time to provide as much information as you want throughout the interview, and you can even answer more in-depth questions about your company to educate readers.

Get Better at Tailoring Your Messages

By understanding each medium in media, and preparing for your interviews, you can more effectively convey your desired message.

While you may not be able to say much in a minute-long radio spot or a brief TV interview, you’ll have a lot more time to provide details for a text interview that cover as many aspects of your business as possible.

Depending on the outlet, you can prepare accordingly and make sure you get the most out of your interview time.

Prepare Your Team with Media Training for the Best Results

Ultimately, if you want you and your staff to give the best possible performance during the interview process at any point, you need to implement a complete media training program.

This will help ensure that you and your representatives continue to give your business a good name, while also avoiding the pitfalls that many other companies may encounter when engaging with the media.

You’ll see a difference when you make sure your company is ready to convey the best possible message for your company to journalists and other media personnel.

Fitting Out an Office Increases a Company’s Bottom Line

One of the best ways to encourage employee performance is to refurbish your office. By taking this approach, you not only increase productivity, you can also enhance your profits and bottom line. However, you need to make sure to work with a company that specialises in this type of redesign.

A Way to Attract More Business

When you collaborate with the right company, you end up optimising your office space, thereby making full use of it. In addition, a fitout adds a dynamic and contemporary appearance to your working environment, which gives you the opportunity to attract new customers. In turn, you begin to see more business come through your doors.

A More Secure Feeling in the Workplace

The whole process of refurbishing a workplace requires a good deal of energy, time, and money. Therefore, each step must be performed using an organised approach. When a workplace is more organised, it also creates a sense of well-being amongst the staff.

Increasing Office Efficiency

Office fit outs include updating and redesigning your lightings, office furniture, and cubicles, thereby improving specific working conditions. When the latest in modern technologies is added, a business naturally expands.

Making Better Decisions

When a fitout is done correctly, it presents a better corporate image of a business that extends locally and globally. In turn, the results lead to better workplace insights and decisions. After all, when you are working in an environment where the design contributes to your success, you cannot help but prosper in one way or another.

Therefore, if you want to see your workplace grow and the efforts of your staff increase, you need to arrange a design consultation with a company that understands the importance of refurbishment. The first thing that the firm will do is analyse your current design scheme. From there, professionals with the company can decide where you should make enhancements and where you can streamline your decor.

Better Communication

An optimised office space makes it possible for employees to communicate with greater ease. Naturally, when you have this level of cooperation, you cannot help but see an increase in your bottom line. Therefore, when a commercial office fitout is planned and facilitated, it makes the work environment more adaptable. The whole idea behind the concept is to update and arrange certain elements in a design so the requirements of both the employer and the employees are met.

Arrange a Consultation

Upgrading your décor saves you from having to move and gives you an edge both competitively and financially. You simply need to begin your design project by working with a company that thoroughly understands your needs along these lines. Talk over your vision for an office fitout with design professionals and review your design options today online.

Why Translation Services Are Becoming Utilised More In Business:

As the world becomes a smaller and smaller place, in an electronic sense, more businesses are reaching out to foreign markets with their trade. And the language barrier can be a serious hindrance to effective and successful trading.  This is also true in the medical and technical sectors, as global communication between companies and departments accelerates. It is for reasons such as these, that translation services are fast becoming a vital requirement for all kinds of business.

In the Medical Sector:

Medicine is truly a global business, and is ever expanding. New treatments and drugs are launched worldwide on what seems like a daily basis. So, for effective business between pharmaceutical companies, doctors, hospitals & medical clinics, medical translation services are of great importance. While treatments for many ailments may be similar in different countries, language barriers can lead to disastrous outcomes. Imagine for example, somebody who has an accident on holidays, and receives treatment in a foreign land. A schedule of treatment is arranged with the foreign attending doctor, but when dispatched to the home country, some of the information is lost in translation, or mistranslated. It is easy to see why this could create a bad result.

And it’s not just in the medical business where translation issues can result in certain disaster. Take for example, the following sector.

In the Technical Sector:

While languages change from country to country, the language of computers is largely the same. However, this does not exclude this sector from needing translation services. Take for example, Tax Offices in the EU. In this sector, technical translation services are very important, especially when it comes to the movement of goods through the free market. Businesses trade with each other, not charging VAT on the transactions. The VAT cost is passed on to the end user, the consumer. However, where issues arise is when rogue traders set up, to collect VAT on their sales, and then go missing, leaving a significant tax bill in their wake. Effective communication between tax offices throughout the EU is needed, as the offices in each affected state follow the trail of money and movement of goods, in order to ascertain who is at fault, and which state is at a loss.

Similarly, legal issues between different countries can quickly grow to be even bigger headaches for the affected clients and legal representatives. Laws vary from country to country, with different practices being used, so if somebody gets in trouble for whatever reason abroad, and requires legal representation both at home and abroad, again it is easy to see how problems can arise if the language spoken is not the same in each country.

So, regardless of the sector in business, translation services are becoming a more vital cog in the bigger machine. Companies are beginning to realise this now, and are reaching out more and more to other companies who offer translation services. These services only serve to lead business into the future.

Is Open Mesh Flooring suitable in the winter?

This a question that people find themselves asking on more than one occasion, and it’s a good one at that (to say the least).

In the summer, the temperature is generally warmer meaning the open mesh flooring you have fitted to your business, won’t have encountered freezing temperatures. Does this influence the usability of the metal mesh flooring throughout the winter?

Guardrail Engineering supply the platform guardrail to suit an array of industrial needs and wants, so should you need something specific, don’t hesitate to speak to one of the experts, simply call 01902 871 208!

But what can you expect from mesh flooring during the winter months?

Harsh conditions.

The conditions worsen throughout the winter months meaning that your flooring needs to be resistant to corrosion and wear and tear. The open mesh flooring is an ideal option for the winter because it can stand up to harsh conditions.


Using metal mesh flooring throughout the winter will have countless advantages; you’ll find that the addition of the mesh flooring is extremely cost-efficient and reliable, ensuring that you receive the best value for money.

In terms of reliability, the mesh flooring will provide easy access from one area of the industrial facility, to the next. Guardrail Engineering can accommodate for an array of industrial needs and requirements, they will be more than happy to help you to find something suitable for your industry!


The platform guardrail isn’t just for the summer. You can create something unique and stylish all year round, by installing the open mesh flooring! The purpose of the mesh flooring is to provide a sturdy finish, one that’s suitable for various conditions and impacts.


The metal mesh flooring is manufactured to suit industrial settings, internally and externally. The most common purpose of the open mesh flooring is to suit elevated platforms, stairs and walkways, offering excellent slip resistance.

There are gaps included in the flooring, providing extra grip for those in the industrial trade. The robust design of the metal mesh flooring is ideal for adding style to any industrial setting!

No matter what time of year it is, the metal mesh flooring is ideal for creating a storage solution. They are especially strong and can withstand various impacts, so make sure you consider something that will fit perfectly.

The flooring is best fitted to settings which are susceptible to spills, they allow you to maintain high standards for longer.

Metal mesh flooring from Guardrail Engineering is custom-made to suit your individual requirement- you can consider them to be the experts!

Discover what Guardrail Engineering has to offer!

Making a statement with Acrylic Fabrication

If you’re looking to make a statement to your property or business, you’ll want to check out Talbot Designs unbeatable selection of custom acrylic.

When it comes to making your business stand out from the crowd, why not use plastic fabrication? The process of plastic fabrication is simple; a piece of durable plastic can easily be formed, cut, bent and machined using the latest technology and high-quality laser cutting equipment.

Talbot Designs are the specialists in transforming materials to enhance their overall aesthetic representation so don’t hesitate to find out how they’ been used by others- to make a statement!


The Perspex staircase is a simple yet effective addition to make to any property. It was first seen at 80 Jermyn Street in a London shop between 1996 and 1986. The acrylic fabrication of the staircase made it more intricate and sophisticated, instantly adding glamour and a unique feel to the property.

Well-known events.

Considering how popular the Chelsea Flower Show is, Talbot Designs helped to make the show more memorable and eye-catching by providing custom acrylic domes and features. The central pavilion was glazed, back in 2014, this was done through acrylic fabrication and created a more sustainable look and feel for the flower show.

As well as this, plastic fabrication can be tailored to suit water features. The acrylic can define features to make them pop and jump out at visitors!

Beauty products.

With so many designers and non-designer brands on the market, it’s becoming seemingly more difficult to choose! When choosing a nail colour, you’re likely to go with the latest trend or what’s in season, so when it comes to selecting a brand- how do you know which to choose? –Models Own.

Talbot Designs created an eye-catching pop-up display to make shops more unique and to represent the brand in a more creative way. The design of the Models Own acrylic display required expertise and skill in acrylic fabrication.

For lipsticks and mascaras, custom acrylic is one way that the products can be promoted to customers who are looking for a certain brand or shade. These plastic fabrications are best-presented in store and are designed to offer realism. The Charlotte Tilbury range is one example of a brand that Talbot Designs has helped to promote their unique products- making them stand out to customers! Every acrylic fabrication design by Talbot Designs is drawn in-house and is made to provide greater functionality.


The Metamorphic light tower is yet another example of custom fabrication. The team at Talbot Designs has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to capturing the right mood and lighting plays a big part in this. The LED lighting is encased by acrylic to create a high-quality finish that’s creative and contemporary.

The metamorphic towers by Talbot Designs were secured to the ground and incorporate rounded corners to prevent the risk of injury.

To find out more about plastic fabrication, click here!

6 Advantages of Composite Hoses

When it comes to choosing a flexible hose that suits the requirements of your business, you needn’t look any further than Proflex Hose!

You’ll find a wide range of flexible hoses within Proflex Hose’s collection of products, so don’t hesitate to find something suitable today. They supply the composite hose to transfer fuels, oils and chemicals with ease. If you’re unsure why you need a composite hose, consider the following 6 benefits:


The braided stainless steel hose and the composite hose are especially flexible, making them appropriate for a variety of industrial needs and wants.

The composite hose is ideal for preventing mechanical abuse, safety risksand abrasion. It’s so desirable for such applications because it has 3x the bend radius of any other hose, including the stainless steel hose. This added flexibility is perfect for almost any environment, allowing you to find something that fits perfectly.


The composite flexible hose is ideal for so many applications because it incorporates a no welding design.

If you’re worried about applying the braided stainless steel hose to your application, why not consider the flexible hoses from Proflex Hose, they are easy to apply and require little to no downtime.


For high-strength flexible hoses look no further than Proflex Hose! The composite hose has been designed to offer less breakage and cracking than the stainless steel hose. These are perfect if you need to prolong the lifespan of your equipment and to ensure that your business is working efficiently.

The composite hoses are suitable for an extensive range of heavy duty applications- hence why it’s so important that they have tensile strength.

Minimal damage.

The last thing you want for your flexible hoses is for them to break over a short period of time which is exactly why you need the composite flexible hose. The composite hose makes it easy to identify any leaks to prevent any liquids from spilling and causing potential hazards to your workforce.

If you’re looking for peace of mind, you cannot go wrong with Proflex Hose’s easy to repair flexible hoses- check them out here!


The fact that the composite hose is lighter than the stainless steel hose makes it somewhat easier to handle. The composite hose is also easy to store and install, meaning it doesn’t only save you money but time too.

In terms of weight, the composite flexible hose is 30% lighter than any other.

Expert advice.

When it comes to finding the most suitable advice and guidance, consider Proflex Hose to be the experts. They’ve acquired 30 years of experience and specialise in providing you with a standard or bespoke solution, you can expect to find off the shelf products too!

The team at Proflex Hose provide something for everyone, no matter what industry you’re in, whether it be the oil, gas or hydraulic sector.

Proflex Hose are always on hand and are more than willing to provide you with a highly efficient solution that’s reliable and effective, feel free to speak to one of the experts today!

Simply call 01257 220 010!

The Benefits of Investing In Mobile Column Lifts and Lifting Equipment

Any business owner thinking about adding lifting equipment such as mobile column lifts to their inventory will no doubt know something of how they work. As such you may be aware of some of the benefits they can bring to your business and staff but the importance of investing in such equipment cannot be understated.  This post therefore takes a look at the advantages of investing in mobile column lifts and other types of lifting equipment as discussed below:

Benefits of Mobile Column Lifts

The biggest advantage of mobile column lifts is exactly that; their mobility. But this versatile equipment offers much more to anyone willing to invest in one. Because they can be moved around, mobile column lifts can be used anywhere, including suitable outdoor spaces. This allows for the freeing up of working space in the workshop as well as the option to store the mobile lift out of the way when not in use.

Such ease of movement is due to the mobile column lifts being battery powered. This is another advantage as a technician’s work will not be interrupted in the event of a power cut. As a result, the majority of technicians love this versatile tool for its efficiency as well as improved safety levels. As with other types of equipment, equipping your technicians with the right tools,- in this case mobile column lifts also reduces the risk of back-related and other injuries. Lastly, all the safety, productivity and efficiency gains will also benefit a business through improved staff morale and retention.

Should you invest in Lifting Equipment?

Given the benefits discussed above the question of whether automotive shop owners and technicians should invest in lifting equipment can be answered firmly in the affirmative. As any technician can appreciate, lifting equipment plays a crucial part in many aspects of their daily tasks. Apart from providing heavy-duty lifting power in order to access underneath vehicles, using the right equipment also has health and safety benefits for your staff.

Investing in good lifting equipment for your workshop helps to reduce the risk of back complaints, workplace accidents and injuries, allowing for continuity on the shop floor.

Versatile lifting equipment such as mobile column lifts offer also convenience, ease of use and access, in addition to the aforementioned safety and health benefits to workers. From axle stands and floor transmission jacks to hydraulic wheel dolly’s or mobile column lifts, using the right equipment in heavy-duty situations results in improved efficiency, customer service and running cost savings. And with a variety of tasks requiring different types of lifting equipment, it is always advisable to ensure all common requirements are covered wherever possible.


The advantages provided by mobile column lifts and other lifting equipment show that it makes good business sense for workshops to invest in such tools. One of the most important aspects to remember is to ensure you only purchase certified equipment that is manufactured and supplied by reputable suppliers that guarantee after-market support. You will be hoping that any lifting equipment you purchase will last a long time to ensure value for money and maximum efficiency, so always invest wisely.