Buy Most Fashionable Clothes in Hauz Khas in Delhi

Hauz Khas was once upon a time famous due to vast collection of Indian arts, crafts, textiles and designs. It was declared as the National Capital of ethnic chic by New York Times correspondent. But you will be surprised to know that the place even today has been successful in preserving its reputation as it is the hub of highly fashionable clothes at present.

Converted Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas that one upon a time comprised only of old houses have now been converted to places which are comprised of air-conditioned boutiques, handicrafts, book stores and antiques. If you are highly interested in fashionable wears, then it is high time for you to head towards Hauz Khas market.

Renowned fashion designer Bina Ramani was the first to set up a shop here in the late 1980s. Her fashion is still in continuance due to exclusive collections. The collections comprise of items which have been selected by the world famous international level shows by celebs. The suits and voilas by others have turned into a fashion and cultural hotspot.

The roads have become narrow muddy lanes. The remaining portion has been taken away by the big cars of the shop owners. Whatever be the condition, the place remains crowded all over the year due to purchasing of fashionable and ethnic wears.

Once you step inside the shops, you will automatically get transported into the world of latest fashion as a lot of effort has been made to make each shop highly ethnic. You will get in a fix regarding choosing the best. If women are looking for designer wear and accessories, then the choices are unlimited.

Shops Selling Highly Fashionable Apparels

Among all, there are some shops like Ogaan which is known to sell hi-fashion apparel designed exclusively. The prices of those collections exceed Rs.1 lakh per unit. A variety of colors are available in the collection. If you are looking ahead to opt for something ethnic, then white will be the best choice for you.

There are other shops which have been known to provide funky clothing along with hand-painted sneakers. Another shop name Nappa Dori has gained reputation for availing leather accessories for people of all age. You can also easily avail apparel for ladies as well as children which include a touch of European designs into Indian fabric for cotton kurtas, chiffon dresses, silk shirts, cotton kurtas and many more.

What is more?

You may also check out swimwear along with resort wear which are manufactured using Italian fabric. There are shops that really stand out from the rest. One such shop is the Indian Popular Art which includes old Bollywood cinema posters, vintage cards, old calendar art and many more in the dresses. You can easily get a luxurious and exclusive touch within your reach and feel yourself to be special.

The place is also a home to chic restaurants as well. You can easily enjoy coffee, tea along with scones. There is also living room for music and food where you can entertain yourself fully while having refreshment.

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