Graduate Survival Guide: How to Successfully Apply For Your First Job after Graduation

Congratulations on your graduation? Your hardwork, studies, and effort have finally paid off. All the hassle like having to pay for essay and looking for writing services on or other review websites while in campus is now a thing of the past. After finishing university and eventually graduating, the zillion dollar question remains, how do you secure a job? With stiff competition, you have to make your job application stand out.

Employers need to know and understand why you are the best fit for the organization or company. Therefore, your focus needs to reassure them that you are the right candidate for the job or position. Here are some guidelines that will help you to not only apply for a job but also land the position:

Forget generic applications

Demoralizing stories of countless new graduates that send out hundreds of job applications before landing their first interview are very popular. True, fierce competition exists out there. Nonetheless, sending generic CVs and using scattergun approaches will definitely work against you. Carefully tailored or customized applications stand a better chance of getting you an interview. Therefore, think quality and not quantity.

You need to show the same determination and stamina you showed while you were completing your studies when it comes to coming up with a standout application. Granted, the entire process can consume much of your time. This is because you need to conduct an extensive research of your target and relate your knowledge as well as skills to their needs. This simply means that you must reject and resist the knee-jerk reactions of applying for anything that is remotely connected to the area you are interested in. You should be discerning on the specific places you need to invest your energy.

Always do your homework right

You must take your time to read all the details of your prospective position. Additionally, read between the lines as well. Is the job right for you? Are you the right candidate for the position advertised? As long as you fully appreciate the potential toll and gamble on your confidence and time, you should give it a shot.

Think competencies

In addition to displaying your expertise and knowledge of their business and industry, prospective employers look for evidence of how likely you will behave at work. Ensure that your CV or cover letter reflects the additional competencies and skills needed for the specific job you are applying for. Try to be specific about the extracurricular experiences that add value to your professional profile and skillsets. Gather the strongest possible evidence, case studies, or examples that prove the point. Remember you might be asked to fully justify your claims during an interview.

Take your time

Carefully and thoroughly, going through your application is worth it. Every time and effort you use to refine your skills, as well as develop your resilience and focus should bolster you. It also helps you understand much more about your field.

The above strategies will surely help you successfully apply for a job application after graduation.

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