Is Open Mesh Flooring suitable in the winter?

This a question that people find themselves asking on more than one occasion, and it’s a good one at that (to say the least).

In the summer, the temperature is generally warmer meaning the open mesh flooring you have fitted to your business, won’t have encountered freezing temperatures. Does this influence the usability of the metal mesh flooring throughout the winter?

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But what can you expect from mesh flooring during the winter months?

Harsh conditions.

The conditions worsen throughout the winter months meaning that your flooring needs to be resistant to corrosion and wear and tear. The open mesh flooring is an ideal option for the winter because it can stand up to harsh conditions.


Using metal mesh flooring throughout the winter will have countless advantages; you’ll find that the addition of the mesh flooring is extremely cost-efficient and reliable, ensuring that you receive the best value for money.

In terms of reliability, the mesh flooring will provide easy access from one area of the industrial facility, to the next. Guardrail Engineering can accommodate for an array of industrial needs and requirements, they will be more than happy to help you to find something suitable for your industry!


The platform guardrail isn’t just for the summer. You can create something unique and stylish all year round, by installing the open mesh flooring! The purpose of the mesh flooring is to provide a sturdy finish, one that’s suitable for various conditions and impacts.


The metal mesh flooring is manufactured to suit industrial settings, internally and externally. The most common purpose of the open mesh flooring is to suit elevated platforms, stairs and walkways, offering excellent slip resistance.

There are gaps included in the flooring, providing extra grip for those in the industrial trade. The robust design of the metal mesh flooring is ideal for adding style to any industrial setting!

No matter what time of year it is, the metal mesh flooring is ideal for creating a storage solution. They are especially strong and can withstand various impacts, so make sure you consider something that will fit perfectly.

The flooring is best fitted to settings which are susceptible to spills, they allow you to maintain high standards for longer.

Metal mesh flooring from Guardrail Engineering is custom-made to suit your individual requirement- you can consider them to be the experts!

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