Maker Space Boom offers Opportunities for Creative Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Technological advances have brought about seismic changes in the way we live, communicate, and spend our free time. Be it smartphones or advanced automotive solutions, – technology now permeates every aspect of modern living. But in the midst of this tech revolution there has been a notable rise in interest in a variety of the ‘old’ way of doing things too. From a rise in the sales of music records in the age of streaming to an uptick in the ‘maker’ space there is a significant portion of us that do not want to see craftsmanship and creativity completely replaced by technology.

The Maker Boom and the Opportunities it Offers

Many people now take to artisan work and crafts either as a way to relax or simply connect with the world in a less digital way. As a result there has been an exponential rise in creative hubs called maker spaces, where like-minded people can work and share ideas. It is an increasingly popular pastime and why there are huge opportunities for startups, entrepreneurs and existing businesses to take advantage of the maker space boom and the enthusiasts fuelling it.

Conversely, it is technology in the shape of social media that has also fuelled the maker boom as creatives the world over show off and share their creations. And so whether it is transforming a warehouse into a dedicated maker space or becoming the go to source for pewter suppliers, which are used for arts crafts, and jewellery parts, – opportunities abound for savvy businesses and entrepreneurs.

In terms of business opportunities that have arisen from the boom in the maker revolution, there are many other openings for savvy businesses to exploit. The first is in the aforementioned maker space sector, whereby dedicated spaces are created for use by crafts people and makers.

Also offering massive business opportunities is the supply of materials that those in the maker sector need as raw materials for their creations. Of course anyone looking to enter the space has to have a solid business plan and sizeable market before they go off researching bismuth ingot suppliers and setting up business. However, whether it’s becoming a paper, wood, or pipe cleaner specialist or a soldering iron and tool supplier there is an opportunity for those who want to become specialists in a niche of the maker revolution.

The Future of the Maker Revolution

As mentioned above, the maker boom is not exclusively non system as it has also been shaped and enhanced by the fast-paced innovation of technology. Social media has helped makers to connect and share their creations, while innovative products such as 3D printers help makers bring their creations to life more easily. As in any industry, opportunities abound all along the supply chain for those looking to gain a foothold in the ever growing maker enthusiast sector and as technology gains a bigger influence on our daily lives, this interest in more non digital pastimes is set to only grow.

What makes the maker space unique is that it is not only a backlash against the increasing reach of technology, it also includes people who are invested in the preservation of these arts and crafts. And this makes the maker community an extremely engaged and passionate community, and that is the Holy Grail that many businesses look for in their prospective customers.

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