Making a statement with Acrylic Fabrication

If you’re looking to make a statement to your property or business, you’ll want to check out Talbot Designs unbeatable selection of custom acrylic.

When it comes to making your business stand out from the crowd, why not use plastic fabrication? The process of plastic fabrication is simple; a piece of durable plastic can easily be formed, cut, bent and machined using the latest technology and high-quality laser cutting equipment.

Talbot Designs are the specialists in transforming materials to enhance their overall aesthetic representation so don’t hesitate to find out how they’ been used by others- to make a statement!


The Perspex staircase is a simple yet effective addition to make to any property. It was first seen at 80 Jermyn Street in a London shop between 1996 and 1986. The acrylic fabrication of the staircase made it more intricate and sophisticated, instantly adding glamour and a unique feel to the property.

Well-known events.

Considering how popular the Chelsea Flower Show is, Talbot Designs helped to make the show more memorable and eye-catching by providing custom acrylic domes and features. The central pavilion was glazed, back in 2014, this was done through acrylic fabrication and created a more sustainable look and feel for the flower show.

As well as this, plastic fabrication can be tailored to suit water features. The acrylic can define features to make them pop and jump out at visitors!

Beauty products.

With so many designers and non-designer brands on the market, it’s becoming seemingly more difficult to choose! When choosing a nail colour, you’re likely to go with the latest trend or what’s in season, so when it comes to selecting a brand- how do you know which to choose? –Models Own.

Talbot Designs created an eye-catching pop-up display to make shops more unique and to represent the brand in a more creative way. The design of the Models Own acrylic display required expertise and skill in acrylic fabrication.

For lipsticks and mascaras, custom acrylic is one way that the products can be promoted to customers who are looking for a certain brand or shade. These plastic fabrications are best-presented in store and are designed to offer realism. The Charlotte Tilbury range is one example of a brand that Talbot Designs has helped to promote their unique products- making them stand out to customers! Every acrylic fabrication design by Talbot Designs is drawn in-house and is made to provide greater functionality.


The Metamorphic light tower is yet another example of custom fabrication. The team at Talbot Designs has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to capturing the right mood and lighting plays a big part in this. The LED lighting is encased by acrylic to create a high-quality finish that’s creative and contemporary.

The metamorphic towers by Talbot Designs were secured to the ground and incorporate rounded corners to prevent the risk of injury.

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