The Benefits of Investing In Mobile Column Lifts and Lifting Equipment

Any business owner thinking about adding lifting equipment such as mobile column lifts to their inventory will no doubt know something of how they work. As such you may be aware of some of the benefits they can bring to your business and staff but the importance of investing in such equipment cannot be understated.  This post therefore takes a look at the advantages of investing in mobile column lifts and other types of lifting equipment as discussed below:

Benefits of Mobile Column Lifts

The biggest advantage of mobile column lifts is exactly that; their mobility. But this versatile equipment offers much more to anyone willing to invest in one. Because they can be moved around, mobile column lifts can be used anywhere, including suitable outdoor spaces. This allows for the freeing up of working space in the workshop as well as the option to store the mobile lift out of the way when not in use.

Such ease of movement is due to the mobile column lifts being battery powered. This is another advantage as a technician’s work will not be interrupted in the event of a power cut. As a result, the majority of technicians love this versatile tool for its efficiency as well as improved safety levels. As with other types of equipment, equipping your technicians with the right tools,- in this case mobile column lifts also reduces the risk of back-related and other injuries. Lastly, all the safety, productivity and efficiency gains will also benefit a business through improved staff morale and retention.

Should you invest in Lifting Equipment?

Given the benefits discussed above the question of whether automotive shop owners and technicians should invest in lifting equipment can be answered firmly in the affirmative. As any technician can appreciate, lifting equipment plays a crucial part in many aspects of their daily tasks. Apart from providing heavy-duty lifting power in order to access underneath vehicles, using the right equipment also has health and safety benefits for your staff.

Investing in good lifting equipment for your workshop helps to reduce the risk of back complaints, workplace accidents and injuries, allowing for continuity on the shop floor.

Versatile lifting equipment such as mobile column lifts offer also convenience, ease of use and access, in addition to the aforementioned safety and health benefits to workers. From axle stands and floor transmission jacks to hydraulic wheel dolly’s or mobile column lifts, using the right equipment in heavy-duty situations results in improved efficiency, customer service and running cost savings. And with a variety of tasks requiring different types of lifting equipment, it is always advisable to ensure all common requirements are covered wherever possible.


The advantages provided by mobile column lifts and other lifting equipment show that it makes good business sense for workshops to invest in such tools. One of the most important aspects to remember is to ensure you only purchase certified equipment that is manufactured and supplied by reputable suppliers that guarantee after-market support. You will be hoping that any lifting equipment you purchase will last a long time to ensure value for money and maximum efficiency, so always invest wisely.

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