The Benefits of Printing Anywhere

It used to be that printing was relegated to flat objects for companies that just didn’t have the enormous budgets necessary to test out and perfect printing on various shapes and materials. While this certainly led to some very creative approaches, it nevertheless hindered the ability of companies to branch out the means in which they connected with their audience. As of today, everything can now be printed on without breaking the budget.

Pad Printing

Pad Printing isn?t new to the scene, but its lower cost is. Originally, this was a process used by European watch makers to guarantee the watch faces turned out perfect each time. It consisted of a bag filled with gelatin that would maintain the integrity of the shape of the print while transferring the ink from the pattern to the product. With time and technological advancements, the gelatin was given up in favor of silicone and machines now do all of the work. However, there are still many aspects that need to be controlled by humans, such as finding the perfect ink for the project. Pick one that doesn?t match the product and the ink will wipe away. Pick one that doesn?t have the necessary hydration and it won?t adhere itself properly. Then there?s the issue of colored ink on a colored product and any exceptions that need to be made in that regard.

Modern Mechanics

A big reason why such a magical process has become so affordable is that printing companies have been asked to print on virtually everything. No surface is unknown, no shape impossible. Because of this, they have a broad knowledge base that allows them to help out businesses almost immediately. Having had to print on coffee mugs or basketballs already, they know what kind of information is necessary to get from the company as well as what information is necessary to give to the company. This exchange alone is enough to shave off days of labor and experimentation meaning that paychecks don?t have to be covered during that time period as the problem is figured out.

While this is great for modern advertising, it still does bring up the issue of too much being a bad thing. With a veritable open ocean of printing options, it?s almost debilitating to look out across the expanse and see endless possibilities. Do you go with the usual coffee mug or do you get wacky and opt for a printed stress ball? No matter what your business chooses, though, remember that it should always serve a purpose. The more often it is both used and used in a happy mindset, the better your chances of slowly worming your way into the psyche of all those that receive your printed item.
Give it a reason to exist, and you?ll find that pad printing is well worth the investment.

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