Tips and safety information for business travelers

Every year, many business travelers go for business trips to all parts of the world and their personal safety is potentially at risk at all times- even if their destinations are only a short distance away. However, unlike them, you can make your next business trip much safer by following a few simple tips.

1. Keeping your documents safely

You should keep your passport, travellers cheques, credit cards and any other identification in many different places. You should also make two copies of your passport’s main information page – one for you to store in a separate place from your passport and the other for someone who remains behind at home.

2. Using your purse or pockets for items that you will need on a frequent basis

You should take advantage of the safety deposit boxes in the hotel or utilize a money belt so that you will still have some money or identification if you lose your wallet or it is stolen. If your passport gets lost while you are traveling overseas, you should call your nearest consulate or embassy and the local authorities immediately.

3. Purchasing trip interruption and cancellation insurance

Most travelers choose to buy less expensive and non-refundable tickets when the airfares creep up. You should not risk losing the entire travel investment that you have made in case something unexpected happens. You should protect your investment in the event that you are forced to cancel your business trip, stay later at the destination or return home early by purchasing interruption and cancellation insurance. If you have made prepayments that are non-refundable for any travel arrangements like a tour, hotel, or flight, it is highly recommended for you to purchase this type of insurance when you make bookings for your trip. This will cover you in case one of the risks that are covered occurs between the time when you make your bookings for your trip and when you depart for it, and forces you to cancel it.

4. Going early to avoid the last minute dash

New security measures are making airports to report longer waiting times for all travellers. You should therefore go early so that you can avoid the last minute dash and give yourself enough time for making your flight.

5. Purchasing travel insurance

Medical treatment outside your country can be very costly, and you may only have cover for a limited portion of the treatment costs from your company benefits plans, government health insurance, or the insurance that your credit card offers. You should therefore find out about the cover that you have before you leave for you trip, and fill in all coverage gaps by purchasing travel insurance. You should carry the travel insurance policy together with the phone numbers that you may need to call in case of an emergency.

6. Ensuring your passport is not expired

The validity of passports in some countries is six months beyond the expected dates of departure. You should therefore ensure that you understand the individual requirements of all the countries that you want to visit, including the requirement to pay entry fees or the need for you to have a visa.

The aforementioned tips will help in making your next business trip much safer. Hence, if you are traveling to Sri Lanka, you should follow them diligently and get a Sri Lanka Visa in order to make it as successful as possible.

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