Visa Requirements for Indonesia

If you’re moving to Indonesia and want to start a business over there, then you will need a visa for that purpose. In order to get a visa, you must know about all the systems and procedures for obtaining one. You can check the process and requirements here. So, if you want to get a beautiful archipelago in Indonesia to become your new destination, then you must keep few things in mind.

If you’re relocating to Indonesia, then you must be ready for adventure and enter this country with an open mind. The type of visa that you would require to enter Indonesia varies according to your purpose of visit, tenure, and location. It’s very easy to get a tourist visa but if you’re applying for a work visa, then you would need to obtain a work permit as well as a residence permit.

Challenge for obtaining a work visa in Indonesia:

It can be quite confusing to navigate through the Indonesian bureaucracy. The most important thing to note while applying for a work visa in Indonesia is that you cannot apply for the visa on your own. Only your future employer can request for a work visa on your behalf.

There are some rules for companies too before they can hire international candidates. For that purpose, the company must have a special work permit known as IMTA. The government issues this type of work permit only if the company can prove to the government that it needs foreign nationals for certain positions. This policy is formed so that the companies give priority to local applicants.

If the company wants to hire you, then it can apply for VITAS which is a limited stay visa on your behalf. In order to do that, the company would need approval for this application from the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower. If approved, then they will send a letter of recommendation to Jakarta to the General Directorate of Immigration. If the application is approved, then a limited stay visa is issued.

How does work and residence permits work?

If you obtain a visa, then you can go to Indonesia. After reaching there, you will have 7 days to report to the immigration office in your region and submit your passport and get an embarkation card. You must get yourself fingerprinted, and exchange the visa you have for a limited stay permit known as KITAS. This card is issued in around 2 weeks. It has a validity of 1 year, and you can renew it for around five years. After completing 5 years, you can apply for KITAP which is a permanent stay permit card.

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