What is Direct Mail?

Across all industries, there are endless options to promote a business. Billboard ads, television ads, and magazine ads are some of the most familiar ways to attract interest from potential customers. In the last few decades, the internet alone has opened up an incredible variety of choices.

However, some of the most effective marketing techniques are the ones that have endured the test of time. Direct mail is one such marketing strategy that has helped business owners gain a tremendous amount of revenue over the years.

Promotional Materials

Direct mail services are exactly what they sound like. It is the sending of promotional materials to a targeted audience through the mail. These promotional materials can include flyers, brochures, postcards, catalogs, newsletters, and more.

Generally, businesses will leverage this technique when trying to grow their client base, or promote a specific product, service, or event. What makes this form of marketing unique is its ability to reach the exact homes, at nearly the precise time, of the business owner’s choosing.

Why direct mail works

Using direct mail as a marketing technique puts business owners in control of who sees promotional materials, when they see it, and how they see it. This is the ideal method for business owners who want to be as in control of their marketing efforts as possible.

Rather than less predictable strategies for promoting a business (such as online ads), direct mail campaigns allow business owners to interact with a handpicked audience. The timing can also be customized, since the flyers, catalogs, etc. can be sent out at whatever time fits best.

By sending a piece of promotional material to an audience, it is guaranteed that they will at very least see it when getting the mail.

Another excellent feature of direct mail is its ability to fit nearly every budget.

From a simple flyer sent to a few neighborhoods, to mass mailings of high-quality catalogs, the business can easily control spending on each campaign. This flexibility makes direct mail a great choice for new businesses and well-established businesses alike.

How to make the most of direct mail campaigns

To make the most of a direct mail campaign, there are some important things of which to be aware. First, it is crucial to study the competition. Look at direct mail flyers, brochures, etc. from competing companies.

What elements are most appealing? Which things would be more eye-catching if they were changed or eliminated? Second, it is important to not include an overwhelming amount of text.

Keep the information relevant, and the messaging on-brand. Third, make whatever promotional material you intend to send attractive. Consult with a graphic designer to ensure the colors, logo, and other design elements are optimized.

Finally, it is best to study the topic in detail before creating a full direct mail campaign. There is a wealth of knowledge from experts that addresses the various types of mail you can send, how to define your target audience, and how to best schedule delivery.

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