Why Should My Business Invest in a Melaphone?

Many business make use of the unique advantages of melaphones to enhance their business potential and capabilities. Since melaphones operate on a different principle to most intercom systems, they are suitable for use in situations which wouldn’t suit an electronic intercom, but which still demand accurate, clear communication – situations like bank tellers, clean room windows and secure kiosks. Melaphones also cut unnecessary expenses for your business, helping to streamline it and trim the fat, while smoothing out communication and making sure that nothing crosses the barrier made by your windows or screens – except voices and sounds, which transfer easily and clearly.

What is a Melaphone?

A melaphone is a distinctive-looking bit of apparatus – a clear, cylindrical plastic speech-transfer device with tough plastic guards on both ends. One end emerges on one side of a window, the other, the other side, and by speaking into it, the users voice is transferred across the glass.

Made with strong, long-lasting plastic, a melaphone also features a membrane in the centre which transfers vibrations from sound across without permitting the transfer of microbes, molecules or gasses, making them ideal for use in clean rooms, laboratories, quarantine zones and other areas where contamination must be avoided.

The speech port on a melaphone is usually marked with “TALK HERE” to instruct new users and boost user-friendliness, and can be fitted with a metal mesh guard to protect it from accidental impacts or deliberate attack – an important feature in banks, cash-processing kiosks and high-security laboratories.

A melaphone is, at its core, a non-electronic intercom system, using only the natural vibrations of speech to transmit voices across a barrier. It is completely independent of an electricity supply, and of costly and fragile components like microphones and speakers, making it a cost-effective and long-lasting, largely maintenance free intercom device.

What are the Advantages of a Melaphone?

As mentioned above, melaphones have a number of advantages over conventional intercom systems, and even more over simply not having an intercom system. A melaphone allows clear, concise and holistic communication across a clear barrier like a window, incorporating facial expressions and body language in a way that is impossible with normal intercom systems.

A melaphone is also much more cost effective than a conventional electronic intercom, thanks in large part to its exceedingly simple, durable and reliable construction, with no electronic components, no moving parts and no tomfoolery. With nothing to break down, wear out or burn out, a melaphone will last indefinitely, regardless of the amount of use it sees, and will only need maintenance in unusual situations – as opposed to electronic intercom systems, which need frequent maintenance just to stay operational!

A melaphone also provides excellent security and protection against contamination in a range of applications – most commonly in clean rooms like those found in hospital laboratories, research labs, university science departments, electronics development, infectious disease research, computing and forensics.

Thanks to the design of a melaphone, the system does not allow particles to cross its barrier, transmitting speech and sound via vibration of the barrier like a drum skin without permitting molecules, bacteria, viruses and atoms of gasses to cross. This preserves the integrity of the clean room, and protects the business’ standards and procedures from damage by contamination.

How do These Advantages Translate to a Business?

The advantages provided by a melaphone include clear communication which incorporates visual cues from facial expression and body language, alongside an independence from electricity and complex components, a lack of moving or vulnerable parts, and incredible durability.

However, despite all these advantages to a business, the greatest selling point for melaphones is their security value – sturdy and hard to dislodge, a melaphone is more than capable of protecting the user from accidental or deliberate attack, especially when equipped with a mesh wire guard, and as a result, they are commonly seen in banks, ticket kiosks, post offices and other relatively exposed areas which must deal with the general public and therefore come under threat of robbery or assault.

While physical security is one important asset for melaphones, chemical and biological security is certainly another – commonly used in clean rooms and other chemically secure areas, a melaphone prohibits transfer of any particles across its barrier, protecting the integrity of the clean space and protecting the business and its clients from the dangers of contamination.

Where Can I Buy a Melaphone?

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