Why Translation Services Are Becoming Utilised More In Business:

As the world becomes a smaller and smaller place, in an electronic sense, more businesses are reaching out to foreign markets with their trade. And the language barrier can be a serious hindrance to effective and successful trading.  This is also true in the medical and technical sectors, as global communication between companies and departments accelerates. It is for reasons such as these, that translation services are fast becoming a vital requirement for all kinds of business.

In the Medical Sector:

Medicine is truly a global business, and is ever expanding. New treatments and drugs are launched worldwide on what seems like a daily basis. So, for effective business between pharmaceutical companies, doctors, hospitals & medical clinics, medical translation services are of great importance. While treatments for many ailments may be similar in different countries, language barriers can lead to disastrous outcomes. Imagine for example, somebody who has an accident on holidays, and receives treatment in a foreign land. A schedule of treatment is arranged with the foreign attending doctor, but when dispatched to the home country, some of the information is lost in translation, or mistranslated. It is easy to see why this could create a bad result.

And it’s not just in the medical business where translation issues can result in certain disaster. Take for example, the following sector.

In the Technical Sector:

While languages change from country to country, the language of computers is largely the same. However, this does not exclude this sector from needing translation services. Take for example, Tax Offices in the EU. In this sector, technical translation services are very important, especially when it comes to the movement of goods through the free market. Businesses trade with each other, not charging VAT on the transactions. The VAT cost is passed on to the end user, the consumer. However, where issues arise is when rogue traders set up, to collect VAT on their sales, and then go missing, leaving a significant tax bill in their wake. Effective communication between tax offices throughout the EU is needed, as the offices in each affected state follow the trail of money and movement of goods, in order to ascertain who is at fault, and which state is at a loss.

Similarly, legal issues between different countries can quickly grow to be even bigger headaches for the affected clients and legal representatives. Laws vary from country to country, with different practices being used, so if somebody gets in trouble for whatever reason abroad, and requires legal representation both at home and abroad, again it is easy to see how problems can arise if the language spoken is not the same in each country.

So, regardless of the sector in business, translation services are becoming a more vital cog in the bigger machine. Companies are beginning to realise this now, and are reaching out more and more to other companies who offer translation services. These services only serve to lead business into the future.

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