Win Double your Bitcoins wallet with Lunarbets!

Some people really enjoy game betting. Not only we are entertained by sports or games but also we take fun in betting for our team to win. We usually do this activity at home or at any common places but now we can do it online with the use of the famous Bitcoin at

Established in 2015, it is the first intuitive parimutuel bitcoin betting in the bitcoin world. Parimutuel means that all bets are being pooled and the pool is given to the winners minus the house fee. A house fee of 2.5% fee from the winner’s pot is given to the company.

The company focuses on sports betting and it uses Bitcoin as a mode of payment. It is located in the United Kingdom and it includes games such as Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Cricket, Volleyball, Soccer and Tennis. It features fast, safe and user friendly website. A house fee of only 2.5% from the total winnings. Since it uses Bitcoin as its mode of payment, transactions are definitely secure and anonymous. You can also deposit and withdraw in an instant using your bitcoin wallet.

The company has rules to protect the website and its customers and continues to take intuitive approach in dealing with any issues. Some of the important rules are listed below which can give you hints before using their platform.

  • Lunarbets has the right to cancel any obviously bad lines or odd bets.
  • Any bets made after an event has started is cancelled, yet this rule is based only upon Lunarbets’ discretion. Bets made a few seconds can still be accepted but the rule cannot be made reference if the player loses the game.
  • After the event is final, it is when the bets are graded.
  • Winners are announced on the date when the event is concluded. Any protest or overturned decisions are not recognized.
  • Ages 18 and up are the only ones allowed to make a bet.
  • The company has the right to set minimum and maximum amount for bets on all events and to change them without prior notice. Also, they have the right to set and change limits on individual accounts.
  • Erroneous funds credited to a customer are subject for cancellation. Customers should inform the company immediately whenever fund errors happen.
  • Transactions made by members are irreversible, thus members should be responsible with their before pressing confirm button. Members may review their bets at Betting History page.
  • Disputes are only accommodated within seven days from the day the questioned bet has been confirmed.
  • Clients are given full responsibility on the confidentiality of their login credentials. When a client’s account was put on compromise, the client may ask to lock their account temporarily.
  • In the event that in some games (mostly soccer games) is a draw or tie, only the bettors who bet for a tie will win the pool. Those who bet for either of the teams to win lose. In some other games where draw or tie has no price, bets will be refunded.
  • Even though it rarely happens, Lunarbets has the right to cancel or suspend a member’s account without prior notice and all funds will be returned.

Having read some of the rules, you already have a glimpse on how their platform goes. Lunarbets is the first sport bitcoin betting and is still the leading bitcoin betting operator. With the use of Bitcoin wallet, it is definitely reliable and secure for online betting enthusiasts.

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